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Created and maintained by volunteers working with the British Horse Society
Ride-UK Kernow Horse Trail
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The Perran Trail

The Perran Trail Section starts at Blackwater which is just North of the A30 Redruth By-pass, near the Eastern end. The trail loops North and then East along old lanes to the South of St Agnes and then crosses the A3075 Newquay Road then re-crosses the A30 and takes a byway to the village of Callestock. The trail then goes via quiet Lanes down to Zelah and then by more quiet lanes to St Newlyn East.

It is planned that the trail will ultimately go via Goonhavern and use an old disused railway take the riders to , to reach quiet lanes just East of Newlyn East. From Newlyn East the Trail uses quiet lanes with two crossings over busy roads to reach Goss Moor just East of Indian Queens.

Click Here to see detailed OS map of Trail

Old Track under old railway viaduct north of Blackwater

Old Metalled Road above Blackwater

Existing Bridleway going up towards Goonhavern which wuill ultimately planned to be part of the trail

Old railway track east of Goonhavern which it is planned to use to reach St Newlyn east