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Bridleway Closures
Major Bridleway ClosuresSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 27 08 2014 16:03
Most of these closures are the result of the last two winter's bad weather.
Cardinham 21 until 2.07.15
Chacewater 71 until 28.01.15
Lost Withiel 5 until 29.11.15
Madron 55 until 01.09.14
Mowenstowe 4 until 07.07.14
St Martin by Looe and Deviock 5 and 7 until13.03.15

Callington, Saltash and Tideford
New Local Bridleway InitiativeSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 27 08 2014 12:18
Local riders are getting together to report problems and try and improve off road riding in the area. A Facebook page has been established
Please also continue to report issues directly via this site. Do complete our simple questionnaire (so that we have your details and can keep you informed.

DANGEROUS BOG on Bridleway 46 StithiansSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 27 02 2014 15:23
I have been informed that Bridleway Number 46 from Tresvern to Treskewisis VERY DANGEROUS to attempt to walk or ride.There are several very deep person and horse swallowing bogs. Cornwall Council are aware and will be closing it, if they have not done so already.

Penzance/St Ives/St Just
Botrea Bridleway - Sancreed 26Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 06 02 2014 12:30
You may have noticed that the top end had now been Tarmaced. The BHS reluctantly agreed after consultation from Cornwall Council. Previous extensive repairs with non sealed surface had been washed away. Understandably the landowner was not prepared to spend more money on repairs that do not last. We agreed with CC a suitable non slip horse friendly finish. However the surface that CC specified does not meet that expectation. We are in discussions with CC over the issue.

Polhigy Moor, by Stithians LakeSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 03 02 2014 17:53
The track across this common has always been ridden but earlier this year the entrance was deliberately blocked to riders. The obstruction has been removed but there is still some very localised opposition to it being use by horses. It is the view of the British Horse Society that there is an unrecorded right of way for horses over the common. The BHS does though ask riders to avoid using the route if very muddy.

National Trust P4C Project at PenroseSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 03 02 2014 17:45
The National Trust Paths for Communities (P4C)Project at Penrose is nearing Completion and will provide 10 miles of new definitive bridleway including a bridleway link from Penrose to Porthleven to bypass the byway that was washed into the sea. The BHS is pleased to have been able to work with the National Trust in looking at some detail of the implementation.

Old Lane off Gypsy Lane, HelstonSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 03 02 2014 17:38
This old lane (213/D on our maps) - is a well used unrecorded right of way - is being diverted by the landowner at the Gypsy Lane end onto a newly built section of bridleway which the landowner is going to dedicate as definitive bridleway. We are also consulting with other landowner to get the whole of the remainder of the track dedicated as bridleway> The landowner has fully consulted bhsaccesscornwall, local riders and Cornwall Council. The new path will be more convenient away for the houses.

General News
Asset SurveySubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 03 02 2014 17:18
Cornwall Council in its wisdom has recruited new inspectors to inspect all environmental assets including Open Spaces and Rights of Way. All rights of Way are being inspected - not a trivial job. BUT the inspections will not be as thorough as required - Importantly Health and Safety issues will be fixed BUT low branches and side growth are not being considered as an issue requiring any priority attention. See http://www.bhsaccesscornwall.org.uk/AssetSurvey.pdf We are not yet confident of exactly what this survey will deliver for horse riders.

Bridleway Clearance
Side and Top Growth ClearanceSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 03 02 2014 17:06
We all know what a serious safety hazard grown in bridleways present to riders. Strictly the liability for clearance of growth from hedges and above is the responsibility of the land owner. Cornwall Council now have a policy relying on landowners to do such clearance BUT they have no mechanisms in place for enforcing landowners to do such clearance. Further they are relying on riders to inform the Council of such problems. We are continuing to press the Council on this issue as we consider such problems to be a Health ans Safety Issue. PLEASE DO REPORT SUCH PROBLEMS TO US AND TO THE COUNCIL.
Penzance/St Ives/St Just
Bridleway RepairsSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 03 02 2014 16:43
Many Bridleways have been severely damaged by last winter's and this winter's rains. Cornwall Council was planning to effect repairs on Break My Neck Lane (Madron 59), Lamorna Bridleway (St Buryan 62)and on the bridleway from Caste-an-Dinas to Chysauster Bridleway (The "Fir Tree" Route, Madron 55 which is currently closed) We fear that with the current new severe damage to the coast bridleways will be at the bottom of the queue for any monies available.

Penzance/St Ives/St Just
St Euny Well P4C ProjectSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 06 11 2013 16:54
As reported previously West Penwith Bridleways Association together with the British Horse Society has obtained grant funding (£21k) via the Natural England Paths for Communities scheme to complete the bridleway link from Chapel Carn Brea to Brane and to fund a major path restoration of over the troublesome bog on the western side of well. Also owing to the generosity of an adjacent landowner we have been able to build an entirely new path to bypass the well and reach the byway at Brane.
This has been a significant construction project which is now reaching conclusion. Our contractor advises us that the path requires to settle and compact before it is used by horses. We are really grateful to the landowners who have made this project possible.

Penzance/St Ives/St Just
Bridleway from Castle-an-Dinas to Chysauster RoadSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 06 11 2013 16:54
This bridleway is dangerously washed out and has had to be closed. We are waiting news from Cornwall Council on when it is likely to be repaired.

Penzance/St Ives/St Just
Bridleway Through Caste-an-Dinas QuarrySubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 06 11 2013 16:52
The bridleway through Castle-an-Dinas Quarry was closed for time in July for “safety reasons”. Cormac Solutions, on behalf of Cornwall Council, then issued a closure notice until January 2014. We challenged this closure and it was deemed illegal. It is up to the quarry to ensure the safety of riders by whatever means necessary. They have now provided an alternative route for riders and will be applying for a diversion order to make this route permanent.

National Trust new Bridleways at PenroseSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 30 07 2013 19:26
STOP PRESS - The National Trust's grant application to the Paths for Communities initiative for 10 miles of new bridleways at Penrose/Loe Pool HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL. The BHS has been working with the NT to develop these plans. It will provide a fantastic bridleway network around the pool with connections to all local communities.

Newquay/St Columb
Trebuddannon Bridleways - UPDATESubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 28 07 2013 15:18
We have been told that the gates have now been padlocked preventing access to the bridleway. Cornwall Council are dealing with the issue and we will keep you updated here. Our original full report is now online http://www.bhsaccesscornwall.org.uk/TrebuddannonBridlewaysReport.pdf

Newquay/St Columb
Trebuddannon BridlewaysSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 02 07 2013 16:18
This BW loop near St Columb Major has been the source of complaints for many years. We at last have had chance to survey this bridleway ourselves and produce a full report. Issues include a 4 foot wide bridge gated at both ends, hidden electric fence wire along a long section of the bridleway, other obstructions on the definitive line and very awkward gates. The bridge was seemingly installed by CC 10 years ago yet it is an illegal and dangerous obstruction on a bridleway. It should be 5 foot wide and with kick boards. CC now have this report and we are awaiting their plan of action.

Newquay/St Columb
Goat Track UpdateSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 02 07 2013 16:14
We are now advised by CC that April 2014 is the projected date for reopening.

St Austell
Bridleway at Trenarren now openSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 02 07 2013 14:57
The bridleway at Trenarren over the headland just south of St Austell has been inaccessible for several decades. It is now open after tireless campaigning over the last two years by our local BHS officer. Cornwall Council has at last, and working with the landowner, got this important bridleway open. The bridleway is steep at one end and is best ridden anti-clockwise (upwards) – but make your own judgement based on the capabilities of you and your horse. Some minor improvements may still be necessary on the gates. There also may be stock in the field.

Cornwall Countryside Access Forum
CCAF MeetingSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 14 06 2013 16:37
CCAF Meeting is on Tuesday 25 March, 2013 CCAF
Minutes of the meeting held on 28 January will be available shortly https://democracy.cornwall.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?MId=4790&x=1& Any member of the public may attend, there is a public gallery and questions from the public are taken at chairman's discretion. See https://democracy.cornwall.gov.uk/ieListMeetings.aspx?CId=585&Year=2014 for agendas and minutes

Cardinham/Warleggan/St Neot
Cabilla Manor Bridleway UpdateSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 20 05 2013 11:49
One casualty of the winter flooding was Cardinham Bridleway 21 past Cabilla Manor that last year Cornwall Council spent £23,000 renovating. All the renovations were washed away and the bridleway is once again unusable. Cornwall Council have informed us that the bridleway will be repaired and the new work done will be to a much better specification than the original restoration. However the schedule depends upon available funds for flood damage repair which will be reviewed at the end of the Summer.

Cardinham/Warleggan/St Neot
Cardinham Woods - 1SW ProjectSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 20 05 2013 11:42
New cycle trails have been now been completed under the 1SW cycle project. The new trails share some stretches with walkers and horses, but the extreme sections (all new paths) are dedicated to cyclists and one way (only a metre wide). However riders have gained out of this project as they are now an accepted as users of the forest tracks and there are share with care signs with pedestrians, cyclist and horses pictured. There is however an 8 foot high cycle trail gantry sign under which horse riders have to go and possibly duck! Also none of the definitive bridleways in the woods are signed.

Penzance/St Ives/St Just
St Euny Well Track P4C ProjectSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 20 05 2013 11:19
West Penwith Bridleways Association with the BHS have submitted a bid under the "Paths for Communities" initiative (P4C) to complete the bridleway link from Chapel Carn Brea to Brane and to fund a major path restoration of over the troublesome bog on the western side of well. We have the support of all landowners and to dedicate, parish councils, and sacred sites group and CC Archaeological team.

Penzance/St Ives/St Just
Balnoon TrackSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 20 05 2013 11:03
A MAJOR STEP FORWARD - Cornwall Council Commons Officer has CONFIRMED that the track (from Balnoon to Halsetown) past the caravan and the land on which they have sited their caravan is common land subject to section 193(1) of the Law of Property Act 1925 and that walkers and horse riders do therefore have right of access past their property (and also in fact on the land underneath their caravan. We are now asking Cornwall Council to enforce this. (The owner of the caravan challenges riders and tries to stop them using the track and often abusively.)

Penzance/St Ives/St Just
Commons Re-Registered in St JustSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 20 05 2013 11:02
Three Commons near St Just have been reinstated onto the register as a result of an application under the 2006 Commons Act by Ian Cook (of Save Penwith Moors). Part of one of these commons Chun West was in the old urban district of St Just. As a result the whole of that common is now also a Section 15 common subject to s193 of Law and Property Act, WHICH GIVES RIDERS RIGHT OF ACCESS. Riders already can access much of this common but this now gives access to horse riders by right.

General News
Dedication of BridlewaysSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 16 05 2013 15:09
The process of Express Dedication at Common Law (EDCL) has now been accepted by Cornwall Council as a valid way of adding Rights of Way to the Definitive Map. All that is necessary is for a willing landowner to sign a simple Deed of Dedication and for users to use the path. Cornwall Council then are obliged to add the path to the definitive map. No other Orders are necessary.

General News
Rights of Way TrainingSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 16 05 2013 15:04
A very successful and well attended training day was held on Saturday 13 April.If you missed this training day and are interested in leaning more about RoW please email

Forestry Access
FREE Riding Access to SW ForestsSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 07 05 2013 17:17
You no longer need a permit to ride in Forestry Commission Forests in Cornwall and other parts of the SW. Riding will be unrestricted in Commission owned woodland. Riding is not permitted in leasehold woodland at Boconnoc, Clinnicks, Largin, Dunmere and East Wood. Carriage drivers will still require permits as they are taking a vehicle into the forest; event organisers should contact

Bridleway Closures
Current List of Bridleway - (and FP) ClosuresSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 22 04 2013 22:23
For full list of Closures see
But please note that until date only gives the expiration date of the current legal notice. The actual date may be later or in some cases earlier,

Bridleway Closures
Closures due to Flood Damage as of July 2013Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 22 04 2013 22:22
Stithians 46 from BR44 east of Tresevern to BR & FP47 south of Treskewes
Newquay 41 from St Columb Minor Church to Tregustick road, north of Penrose
Tywardreth 6 from Treesmill to Duckpond
St Just 110
Carlyon 10 West of old Vounder Clay Works (East of Eden Project)
Cardinham 21 Carbilla Manor
Lostwithiel 5
Mawnan Smith 31

Unclassified roads
Bolingey to Middle LambSubmitted by: Harryette 17 02 2013 21:40
Some work has been carried out on renovating this track. Hopefully it will soon be available to one and all.

Newquay/St Columb
The Goat TrackSubmitted by: Harryette 17 02 2013 21:37
This track is still unrepaired. Riding around Newquay is badly disrupted as a result of this and the situation at Colan makes things worse. In another month's time we will be excluded from the beach for six months so then there will be only Priory Road track as off road riding. However getting there now means you cannot doña circular route without major roads being involved, and here comes the season!

Newquay/St Columb
Colan WoodsSubmitted by: Harryette 17 02 2013 21:33
After 70 years of free access to the woods a Mr Charlie Hoblyn has taken over ownership. A Modification Order Application was put in 7 years ago and now, because Mr Hoblyn has said he does not want riders in the woods, we are forming a campaign group to try and raise the profile of this issue. We have support from local Councillors who have asked Cornwall Council to deal with the DMMO as soon as possible.

St Austell
TIE UP FACILITIES AT WHEAL MARTYN CLAY MUSEUMSubmitted by: Gina 16 02 2013 13:11
You can now ride the Clay Trails and tie up your horse at Wheal Martyn Clay Museum, Bodmin Road, St Austell, where there is a restaurant offering a range of refreshments. Polgooth and District Bridleways Group expect to visit this facility very soon. We will update you on this excellent idea for both local and holidaying riders.

Wind Turbines
Wind Turbine GuidelinesSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 03 02 2013 12:08
The BHS has very clear guidelines in its leaflet on the siting turbines.See http://www.bhsaccesscornwall.org.uk/Wind%20Turbines.pdf
However the guidelines are not mandatory and planners seem reluctant to follow them. However Cornwall Council on the request of the BHS are updating their internal guidance and to potential developers to remind them of the guidelines and the implications for horses.

Cornwall Countryside Access Forum
Cornwall Countryside Access Forum - BackgroundSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 02 02 2013 22:23
Cornwall Countryside Access Forum was established In accordance with the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (CRoW) to provide advice to Cornwall Council on how to make the countryside more accessible and enjoyable for open-air recreation. For Full Details see

General News
Paths for Communities (P4C)Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 02 02 2013 11:27
There are currently two bridleway projects being put forward under this government initiative.
1. Penrose Estate Helston being submitted by the National Trust
2. Filling missing Links in a long bridleway route in West Cornwall being submitted by West Penwith Bridleways Association.
We will update when we know more.

Forestry Access
Protecting ForestsSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 01 02 2013 16:18
DEFRA has announced that a new public body is to be established that will will protect forests for future generations.
See www.bhsaccesscornwall.org.uk/ForestryProposals.php

Unclassified roads
Bolingey to road above Whitewater FarmSubmitted by: Pat 30 01 2013 16:34
Cornwall Council/Cormac have arranged for this road to be cleared - via the Parish Council. Work has started on it but there are badger holes to be dealt with and the Whitewater Farm end is extremely muddy. Perhaps will be better in drier weather (if we get any!)

South West Riders (Cornwall)Submitted by: Naomi 19 01 2013 13:13
The next meeting of the above bridleway group is proposed for Saturday 23 March 2013 at 1pm near Launceston. Please contact me on 07805 286644 for further details.

St Austell
Polgooth and District Bridleways Group17 12 2012 19:15
This group was formed recently to improve communications among riders. We arrange small group rides and other activities. Membership is free for Associates. Full Members pay £5 per annum which helps us achieve our aims. Full Members get very favorable rates on our Equine Trade Catalogue. OR www.bhsaccesscornwall.org.uk/polgoothanddistrictbridleways for more information.

St Austell
Clay Trails ProjectSubmitted by: Gina 13 12 2012 19:28
It is hoped that this project will help to promote this wonderful Cornish asset which has stunning views together with historical information.This project aims to encourage more use by local residents and tourists. The trails afford facilities for most forms of physical powered travel as well as motorized wheelchairs.

St Austell
New Project Carluddon A391Submitted by: Gina 10 12 2012 19:16
I only recently became aware of this project and was pleased to see that the intention is to extend the Clay Trails for public use. I became aware that horse riding did not seem to be included. Certainly the publicity provided in the consultation made no mention of horses. As there seemed to have been no consultation with the riding fraternity, I spoke to an engineer to highlight my concerns about the proposed bridges. I have now made a representation to the planning department asking that horses are considered when decisions are being made.

Bridleway 16 LadockSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 25 11 2012 12:22
This old hedged bridleway, was partially cleared earlier in the year by Cornwall Council at the request of the BHS and the parish council, after being overgrown and unusable for many years. It is now understood that the clearance will now be completed by Christmas.

TRAC ProjectSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 24 11 2012 17:58
The saga of this Cornwall Council EU funded project to provide a multi-user trail along the old railway line west of Launceston drags on. It should also provide links through to the east and towards Devon. But progress has been slow and disappointingly limited. Whether progress can be achieved before funding deadlines expire is still in doubt.

Chacewater/St Day/Gwennap
Closed Bridleway at HallenbeagleSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 24 11 2012 15:45
Bridleway Chacewater 59 (near the A30 bridge opposite Mitchell and Webber)has now been closed for some time and at one point a rider was LOCKED IN! BHS is awaiting response from Cornwall Council to explain how this situation has been allowed to arise. The BHS first asked questions about the development over the bridleway in August 2011. There seems no sign of a promised diverted route being made available.

Chacewater/St Day/Gwennap
Ridden Paths in FrogpoolSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 24 11 2012 15:35
Use by horses of two old lanes in Frogpool was recently challenged despite them always having been ridden. The lanes have only been recorded as Foot Paths The BHS has explained the situation to parish council but not received any response. The paths continue to be ridden. However it is desirable that evidence of ridden use is collected to prepare a Definitive Map Modification Order. If you have used these paths please email

St Austell
Polgooth and District Bridleways AssociationSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 17 11 2012 16:55
This relatively new group welcomes new members. Please see

Forestry Access
The Independent Panel on ForestrySubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 17 11 2012 15:30
In July 2012 The Independent Panel on Forestry.has presented its report. The panel recognises that the quality of access to the public forest estate is unrivalled and that this should be secured for the nation for the long term. This appears to be good news if the government takes note and follows it through.

Riding Maps
Your Continued Help WantedSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 15 11 2012 20:53
Remember to make good use in using our online riding maps in finding new places new ride. http://www.bhsaccesscornwall.org.uk/RidingMaps.htm
We can only keep these maps up to date and add any ridden routes that are missing with your help. Please do report via the maps on the paths and bridleways you ride, we value every report we get. good or bad.

Self Closing GatesSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 12 11 2012 10:56
Self Closing Gates (and especially one way opening) continue to be of great concern to riders. Fast closing times and difficult approaches and exits often make it impossible to get your horses through without being guillotined or bashed from behind by the gate. Please report difficult gates via our online riding maps or directly to Your feedback on gate issues is also welcome via this page's forum.

Lizard Peninsula
National Nature ReservesSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 11 11 2012 19:05
Natural England Board have proposed that all parts of its eligible NNRs should be dedicated for permanent public access unless there are compelling reasons on particular sites not to do so. We will therefore will be making representations to NE (at the appropriate time)that horse access on the Lizard reserves (where we currently have only permissive access) should be by right,

Cardinham/Warleggan/St Neot
Cabilla Manor BridlewaySubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 11 11 2012 16:18
Earlier this year this Bridleway (Cardinham 21)was 'refurbished' by Cornwall Council at an extortionate cost of £23K for 120 metres. With illegal and unusable horse stile, nasty gate, and hoof cutting surface. We have got the Horse Stile removed but the surface issue remains. Another nearby bridleway from Millpool has been done to a very high standard with posh new gates - but it goes no where except onto impassable overgrown moor. We are still asking more questions off Cornwall Council - see item on main News Page

Blocked Unclassified RoadSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 11 11 2012 17:47
The blocked unsurfaced unclassified road through Little Anton north of Porthleven has been reported to Cornwall Council. They have promised to inspect it hopefully they will be able to clear it (they have done in the past).

Old Lanes West of HelstonSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 11 11 2012 17:42
Gypsy Lane and another old lane where completely grown in. On the request of local riders who have given a welcome financial contribution, PAROW CIC has cleared both lanes with its compact tractor and fail. Also see www.parow.org.uk

Penzance/St Ives/St Just
St Aubyns EstateSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 11 11 2012 17:37
Tracks on St Aubyns Estate, St Hilary have always been ridden to connect to bridleways. The tenant farmer has been making life difficult for some riders and the track that connects to the byway to Goldsithney is locked forcing riders to use a busy fast lane. We plan to discussing these issues with the Estate Manager

Penzance/St Ives/St Just
Balnoon TrackSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 11 11 2012 17:31
Use of the from Balnoon to Halsetown which always has been used by horses has been challenged by the owner of the caravan (which has no planning permission and is on Common Land). We are seeking witnesses who have used it over the years to prepare a Modification Order to claim the Right of Way and get it on the map. If you have used it in the past please email reports @bhsaccesscornwall.org.uk

All Forum Items - in reverse date order - Click on a heading to see all items for a topic

St Austell
Submitted by: Gina 16 02 2013 13:51

St Austell
Reporting of IncidentsSubmitted by: Gina 09 02 2013 15:20
Please report dangerous incidents that you encounter whilst out riding. It is important to establish any pattern only then can something be done. The BHS has REPORT AN INCIDENT on their home page http://www.horseaccidents.org.uk/ PLEASE USE IT.

Wind Turbines
Turbine IncidentsSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 03 02 2013 12:36
Many of such incidents do go unreported but with the seemingly uncontrolled proliferation of turbines, we do fear for the safety of riders and horses. It is therefore essential that all incidents are recorded else turbines will not be seen as a safety issue.
Please do report all riding accidents (or potentially serious incidents)on
www.horseaccidents.org.uk and/or to

Wind Turbines
Incident re Wind Turbine on Laneast MoorSubmitted by: R. 03 02 2013 12:19
I was riding my horse on a bridleway on Laneast moor towards the gate onto Lidcott lane when the wind turbine started rotating. My horse was terrified and bolted. I am a very experienced rider. Luckily managed to stop my horse without falling off. My horse is 16.2hh and I taught my 13 year old grandson to ride on her. She is a 17 year normally very quiet. She is regularly ridden on the A395. The A395 is a busy road, especially in the summer.
I will now have not to let anyone but myself ride my horse near the wind turbine again. The incident could have been much worse I and my was very

Launceston to Camel Trail linkSubmitted by: trina 10 12 2012 15:25
I find it very hard to believe that Cornwall Council is unable to find the necessary funding to complete this project. Most of the work has already been done, by South west Railway over half a cetuary ago. surely if Cornwall Council used their available recources more carefully instead of wasting funds . {Cardinham Bridleway} there would be enough money available to at least open part of the track for riders.

TRAC ProjectSubmitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 24 11 2012 18:06
The ultimate aim of this project was to connect Launceston with Wadebridge Camel Trail. But judging by the problems of trying to get the first 4 miles, 2 miles of which will now remain on a narrow road/lane. The goal will never happen, and Cornwall Council currently now has a no new trails policy because it can't afford top look after what it already has! Your views are welcome.