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Our  Bridleways                                 

Bridleways in Cornwall

  • Definitive Bridleways and Byways total only 486 Miles compared to 2232 Miles of Footpaths
  • An estimated 50% of bridleways are not usable either overgrown, blocked or just do not connect.
  • There are an estimated further 500 miles of paths that are ridden, other than the designated bridleways byways.
  • Most of us rely on these 'unrecorded' rights of way for our day to day riding.
  • See our Online Riding Map facility to see the bridleways in your parish and report on issues.

You may also view all Rights of Way and Roads network on Cornwall Council's interactive map https://map.cornwall.gov.uk/website/ccmap?layerName=Public%20Rights%20of%20Way:Road%20network



Rights of Way in Cornwall

Statistics courtesy of Cornwall Council

Bridleways - 400 miles

(643 km)

Restricted Byways

- 130 miles (209 km)

Byways - 130 miles

(209 km)

Footpaths - 2,232 miles

(3,572 km)