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Bridleway  Survey

CORNWALL COUNCIL who is responsible for Rights of Way in Cornwall is seeking to condition survey all the bridleways and footpaths in Cornwall. The purpose behind the survey is that the results will be used to pursuade the fund holders to spend more money in getting our paths up to standard.

WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO HELP? - We want to ensure that we have a rider's report to give to the Council of every bridleway in Cornwall. Please Click Here if you would like to let us know more.

We are aware that many of you have already submitted reports on bridleways via this web site.

However we have now significantly updated the reporting feature to help you give more specific information and more detailed map. It also shows where we believe there are GATES. As you will know gates are a big issue and we want a good report on the the condition of every one

We will also welcome photos of the bridleways and individual gates.


1.View where you ride on our online interactive maps, Online Riding Maps, and click on the bridleway segment (green) you wish to report on.


2.View the list of bridleways for a parish and report from the list see Bridleway Reports

When reporting please do:

  • give the best indication you can as to where on the bridleway any problems are.
  • if possible give a report on every gate on the bridleway (by clicking on each gate in turn)

IF YOU ARE ABLE to survey all the bridleways in your parish,
please Click Here and we can give you further guidance.