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Cornwall Council three year £2.01M programme of improvements (PPIP) to our bridleways and footpaths officially ended on March 31st 2009. However final completion of the programme was extend beyond that date.

When the programme started we had hoped that all the "Gold" paths would be brought up to an excellent standard. For bridleways this would mean gates that opened easily and no boulder strewn paths and bogs. Unfortunately by the Council's own admission the surveys and cost estimates were not perfect and there has been insufficient money availabe to do all the work as they would like.

Not withstanding that we have seen some tremendous improvements to our bridleways and footpaths.

Major renovation projects do cost a lot of money. Often £10k to £40k.

We are hoping that the end of this programme will not mean an end to improving our bridleways and making them all safe to ride.

With this in mind please do continue to let us and Cornwall Council know about bridleways that are blocked or otherwise unusable or difficult/unsafe to use. Click