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Bodmin Moor - Ridden Access UPDATE - Click Here for more information on access to Bodmin Moor and background.

May 24 2010 - In view of the concerns expressed by the BHS Access Cornwall over the new notice boards on Caradon Hill, Cornwall Council have now promised to urgently amend the boards, removing the red circle around the horse and also amend associated wording.

Previous Updates -

May 18 2010 - New Notice Boards have appeared on Caradon Hill and other places regarding access and access on horse. It is unfortunate that these notices contain a horse inside a red circle. All who have seen these infer that horse riding is not allowed. The text underneath also implies that you need to explicitly get permission before riding the moor. The BHS has been liaising with Cornwall Council over the content of these boards and agreed the statements relating to provisions of the CROW Act and agreed the statement on higher rights by horses either recorded or unrecorded. The BHS is concerned that board will discoyurage riders form accessing the moor, and would have liked to have seen a more positive welcome for riders as in other parts of the country.

Click Here to see picture of Notice Board

However the BHS takes the view that nothing has necessarily changed with regard to access to the moor, and the De Facto Access by riders that has operated historically on many parts of the moor hopefullywill continue.

Last year the BHS did a survey seeking the views of riders who ride the moor. Download it Here

March 2010 - The Roughtor Notice board has been amended in advance of a new board being prepared. There is nothing further to report.

4 November 2009 - The Roughtor Notice board is being amended by Cornwall Council rmoving reference to a permit scheme.

The National Trust who own Roughtor were not aware of any permit scheme proposal and do not support it.

22 September 2009 - The BHS has received a tremendous response to its survey of the views of horse riders about the moor and all its users.

The information gained is an invaluable help to moving forward the current debate.

The BHS has now had a positive meeting with the Chairman of the ABMCL and liaison will continue over the next few months to enable any perceived management concerns surrounding the moor to be fully examined.

It is understood that any plans for a riding permit scheme are on hold at least until such liaisons have concluded.

The BHS considers that there are many more alternative ways to resolve any concerns on the moor relating to equine access and looks forward to working with the ABMCL and other associated organisations to achieve this.