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West Penwith Bridleways Association
Serving the riders of West Cornwall

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We formed in Summer 2001 prompted by the need for a group to plan for the BHS RideUk route through West Cornwall.

We quickly found that most riders were very dissatisfied with the ridable routes in the peninsular. Many overgrown and many undesignated. Much progress has been made in improving existing bridleways and we have raised bridleway maintenance and renovation higher up the agenda of Cornwall Council.

Many previously ridden routes have already been lost. We do need to ensure that our currently ridden tracks and lanes remain available for to riders in years to come.

So PLEASE come and join us. You may Join or Renew Online

Cornwall Council, which is responsible for our bridleways, does appreciate the need for a better network. Funding both capital and recurrent is an ongoing problem and more so with all the cuts. We are constantly lobbying to show how important our paths network and, in particular, bridleways are to the local economy and to the safety of both riders and other road users. Riding and horse ownership is ever more popular and the roads are getting busier. We all do need safe places to ride.

See our Online Riding Maps - with interface by place or postcode

The availability of bridleways in West Cornwall can be seen on the map - shown in green. Byways are blue Many parishes have few bridleways and many end on busy roads or do not connect to road or bridleway. Without riding many other paths and tracks we would not be able to get anywhere by horse.

Our Bridleways and Ridden Paths