Background - The CROW Act
The CROW Act 2000 currently deletes (in 2026) all claims for rights of way based on historic evidence (pre1949).
Proposals are currently being considered by the government that are aimed at preserving routes that are in current use.
However to preserve unrecorded rights of way that are in use, basic evidence of such use will need to be registered.

We ask that you view where you ride on our interactive maps  On the map identify any paths you ride that are shown
 in blue and click on the green dot on the path, to show path information and then click "Report on Path".
You can then record your usage of the path as well as giving more information about the path itself. 

If any path you ride is not marked on the path in blue (or green, bridleway) please let us know, sending 
gridreference/map to  

Please do take the time to help us.This will enable us to more easily preserve access to the path in the future.

Click here to view where you ride on our online interactive maps.

How information submitted via this site will be used

The information you give will be used to establish that the path is currently used and/or has been 
used over a period in the past. The information will be used to compile a register of paths for which there is 
"Basic Evidence" of current usage, or of past usage.
  • We need your name and contact details to prove the evidence is genuine.
  • The information received will remain confidential and NOT be seen by any landowners.

  • The information will NOT be used to prepare a Definitive Map Modification Order.