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Bridleway at Trenarren now open Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 02 07 2013 14:57
The bridleway at Trenarren over the headland just south of St Austell has been inaccessible for several decades. It is now open after tireless campaigning over the last two years by our local BHS officer. Cornwall Council has at last, and working with the landowner, got this important bridleway open. The bridleway is steep at one end and is best ridden anti-clockwise (upwards) but make your own judgement based on the capabilities of you and your horse. Some minor improvements may still be necessary on the gates. There also may be stock in the field.

TIE UP FACILITIES AT WHEAL MARTYN CLAY MUSEUM Submitted by: Gina 16 02 2013 13:11
You can now ride the Clay Trails and tie up your horse at Wheal Martyn Clay Museum, Bodmin Road, St Austell, where there is a restaurant offering a range of refreshments. Polgooth and District Bridleways Group expect to visit this facility very soon. We will update you on this excellent idea for both local and holidaying riders.

Clay Trails Project Submitted by: Gina 13 12 2012 19:28
It is hoped that this project will help to promote this wonderful Cornish asset which has stunning views together with historical information.This project aims to encourage more use by local residents and tourists. The trails afford facilities for most forms of physical powered travel as well as motorized wheelchairs.

New Project Carluddon A391 Submitted by: Gina 10 12 2012 19:16
I only recently became aware of this project and was pleased to see that the intention is to extend the Clay Trails for public use. I became aware that horse riding did not seem to be included. Certainly the publicity provided in the consultation made no mention of horses. As there seemed to have been no consultation with the riding fraternity, I spoke to an engineer to highlight my concerns about the proposed bridges. I have now made a representation to the planning department asking that horses are considered when decisions are being made.

Polgooth and District Bridleways Association Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 17 11 2012 16:55
This relatively new group welcomes new members. Please see

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Reporting of Incidents Submitted by: Gina 09 02 2013 15:20
Please report dangerous incidents that you encounter whilst out riding. It is important to establish any pattern only then can something be done. The BHS has REPORT AN INCIDENT on their home page http://www.bhs.org.uk/safety-and-accidents/horse-accidents PLEASE do report Any Incidents you may have.

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