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Botrea Bridleway - Sancreed 26 Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 06 02 2014 12:30
You may have noticed that the top end had now been Tarmaced. The BHS reluctantly agreed after consultation from Cornwall Council. Previous extensive repairs with non sealed surface had been washed away. Understandably the landowner was not prepared to spend more money on repairs that do not last. We agreed with CC a suitable non slip horse friendly finish. However the surface that CC specified does not meet that expectation. We are in discussions with CC over the issue.

Bridleway Repairs Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 03 02 2014 16:43
The problems below ALL have been fixed by Cornwall Council:
Many Bridleways have been severely damaged by last winter's and this winter's rains. Cornwall Council was planning to effect repairs on Break My Neck Lane (Madron 59), Lamorna Bridleway (St Buryan 62)and on the bridleway from Caste-an-Dinas to Chysauster Bridleway (The "Fir Tree" Route, Madron 55 which is currently closed) We fear that with the current new severe damage to the coast bridleways will be at the bottom of the queue for any monies availabl

St Euny Well P4C Project Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 06 11 2013 16:54
As reported previously West Penwith Bridleways Association together with the British Horse Society has obtained grant funding (£21k) via the Natural England Paths for Communities scheme to complete the bridleway link from Chapel Carn Brea to Brane and to fund a major path restoration of over the troublesome bog on the western side of well. Also owing to the generosity of an adjacent landowner we have been able to build an entirely new path to bypass the well and reach the byway at Brane.
This has been a significant construction project which is now reaching conclusion. Our contractor advises us that the path requires to settle and compact before it is used by horses. We are really grateful to the landowners who have made this project possible.

Bridleway from Castle-an-Dinas to Chysauster Road Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 06 11 2013 16:54
This bridleway is dangerously washed out and has had to be closed. We are waiting news from Cornwall Council on when it is likely to be repaired.

Bridleway Through Caste-an-Dinas Quarry Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 06 11 2013 16:52
The bridleway through Castle-an-Dinas Quarry was closed for time in July for “safety reasons”. Cormac Solutions, on behalf of Cornwall Council, then issued a closure notice until January 2014. We challenged this closure and it was deemed illegal. It is up to the quarry to ensure the safety of riders by whatever means necessary. They have now provided an alternative route for riders and will be applying for a diversion order to make this route permanent.

St Euny Well Track P4C Project Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 20 05 2013 11:19
West Penwith Bridleways Association with the BHS have submitted a bid under the "Paths for Communities" initiative (P4C) to complete the bridleway link from Chapel Carn Brea to Brane and to fund a major path restoration of over the troublesome bog on the western side of well. We have the support of all landowners and to dedicate, parish councils, and sacred sites group and CC Archaeological team.

Balnoon Track Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 20 05 2013 11:03
A MAJOR STEP FORWARD - Cornwall Council Commons Officer has CONFIRMED that the track (from Balnoon to Halsetown) past the caravan and the land on which they have sited their caravan is common land subject to section 193(1) of the Law of Property Act 1925 and that walkers and horse riders do therefore have right of access past their property (and also in fact on the land underneath their caravan. We are now asking Cornwall Council to enforce this. (The owner of the caravan challenges riders and tries to stop them using the track and often abusively.)

Commons Re-Registered in St Just Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 20 05 2013 11:02
Three Commons near St Just have been reinstated onto the register as a result of an application under the 2006 Commons Act by Ian Cook (of Save Penwith Moors). Part of one of these commons Chun West was in the old urban district of St Just. As a result the whole of that common is now also a Section 15 common subject to s193 of Law and Property Act, WHICH GIVES RIDERS RIGHT OF ACCESS. Riders already can access much of this common but this now gives access to horse riders by right.

Balnoon Track Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 11 11 2012 17:31
Use of the from Balnoon to Halsetown which always has been used by horses has been challenged by the owner of the caravan (which has no planning permission and is on Common Land). We are seeking witnesses who have used it over the years to prepare a Modification Order to claim the Right of Way and get it on the map. If you have used it in the past please email reports @bhsaccesscornwall.org.uk

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