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 Newquay/Colon/St Columb/Mawgan-in-Pydar
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Church Lane St Mawgan-in-Pydar CP Modification Or Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 01 03 2018 14:08
Because of concern regarding the escalation of criminal activity reported to D&C Police concerning Church Lane and public access CC gave processing of this application priority.Its determination is in progress.

Colan Woods Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 15 02 2018 16:10
After petitioning the Secretary of State over the non determination of this Modification Order the SOS has directed Cornwall Council to determine this Order with a year! - Fingers crossed.
DMMO Ref WCA 539 submitted in 2006

Trebuddannon Bridleways - UPDATE Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 28 07 2013 15:18
We have been told that the gates have now been padlocked preventing access to the bridleway. Cornwall Council are dealing with the issue and we will keep you updated here. Our original full report is now online http://www.bhsaccesscornwall.org.uk/TrebuddannonBridlewaysReport.pdf

Trebuddannon Bridleways Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 02 07 2013 16:18
This BW loop near St Columb Major has been the source of complaints for many years. We at last have had chance to survey this bridleway ourselves and produce a full report. Issues include a 4 foot wide bridge gated at both ends, hidden electric fence wire along a long section of the bridleway, other obstructions on the definitive line and very awkward gates. The bridge was seemingly installed by CC 10 years ago yet it is an illegal and dangerous obstruction on a bridleway. It should be 5 foot wide and with kick boards. CC now have this report and we are awaiting their plan of action.

Goat Track Update Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 02 07 2013 16:14
We are now advised by CC that April 2014 is the projected date for reopening.

The Goat Track Submitted by: Harryette 17 02 2013 21:37
This track is still unrepaired. Riding around Newquay is badly disrupted as a result of this and the situation at Colan makes things worse. In another month's time we will be excluded from the beach for six months so then there will be only Priory Road track as off road riding. However getting there now means you cannot doņa circular route without major roads being involved, and here comes the season!

Colan Woods Submitted by: Harryette 17 02 2013 21:33
After 70 years of free access to the woods a Mr Charlie Hoblyn has taken over ownership. A Modification Order Application was put in 7 years ago and now, because Mr Hoblyn has said he does not want riders in the woods, we are forming a campaign group to try and raise the profile of this issue. We have support from local Councillors who have asked Cornwall Council to deal with the DMMO as soon as possible.

St Mawgan Old Lane Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 11 11 2012 19:55
Use of an old lane in the centre of the village is being challenged by a local resident who is harassing riders. Witness evidence has been submitted to Cornwall Council with a Modification order to record it on the map as a bridleway. We are asking for interim enforcement of our rights. It actually has a publicly funded street light on it!

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