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A30 to St Austell Link Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 02 03 2018 16:08
The link from the A30 to St Austell is now at advanced planning stage. The route from Victoria passes between Goss Moor and Roche and down to Stenalees. The new road will result in the current route through Bugle and Stenalees being downgraded for local traffic only. This is good news for riders. Also a new multiuser trail is planned alongside the new road.

A30 Dualling Chiverton to Carland Cross. Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 02 03 2018 16:08
Formal Consultation is now in progress on this scheme. We are please to report that after liaising with Highways England form an early stage we are pleased to report that several new crossing point suitable for horses (and other vulnerable uses are being provided. There is a remaining issue to be resolved of crossing where the current Chiverton Roundabout is. A new junction is being built 600 metres to the east.

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