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National Trust P4C Project at Penrose Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 03 02 2014 17:45
The National Trust Paths for Communities (P4C)Project at Penrose is nearing Completion and will provide 10 miles of new definitive bridleway including a bridleway link from Penrose to Porthleven to bypass the byway that was washed into the sea. The BHS is pleased to have been able to work with the National Trust in looking at some detail of the implementation.

Old Lane off Gypsy Lane, Helston Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 03 02 2014 17:38
This old lane (213/D on our maps) - is a well used unrecorded right of way - is being diverted by the landowner at the Gypsy Lane end onto a newly built section of bridleway which the landowner is going to dedicate as definitive bridleway. We are also consulting with other landowner to get the whole of the remainder of the track dedicated as bridleway> The landowner has fully consulted bhsaccesscornwall, local riders and Cornwall Council. The new path will be more convenient away for the houses.

National Trust new Bridleways at Penrose Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 30 07 2013 19:26
STOP PRESS - The National Trust's grant application to the Paths for Communities initiative for 10 miles of new bridleways at Penrose/Loe Pool HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL. The BHS has been working with the NT to develop these plans. It will provide a fantastic bridleway network around the pool with connections to all local communities.

Blocked Unclassified Road Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 11 11 2012 17:47
This has been cleared by Ramblers REACT project with Cornwall Council. However most riders consider the road crossing too dangerous
The blocked unsurfaced unclassified road through Little Anton north of Porthleven has been reported to Cornwall Council. They have promised to inspect it hopefully they will be able to clear it (they have done in the past).
Old Lanes West of Helston Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 11 11 2012 17:42
Gypsy Lane and another old lane where completely grown in. On the request of local riders who have given a welcome financial contribution, PAROW CIC has cleared both lanes with its compact tractor and fail. Also see www.parow.org.uk

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