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 Chacewater/St Day/Gwennap
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Closed Bridleway at Hallenbeagle Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 24 11 2012 15:45
Bridleway Chacewater 59 (near the A30 bridge opposite Mitchell and Webber)has now been closed for some time and at one point a rider was LOCKED IN! BHS is awaiting response from Cornwall Council to explain how this situation has been allowed to arise. The BHS first asked questions about the development over the bridleway in August 2011. There seems no sign of a promised diverted route being made available.

Ridden Paths in Frogpool Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 24 11 2012 15:35
Use by horses of two old lanes in Frogpool was recently challenged despite them always having been ridden. The lanes have only been recorded as Foot Paths The BHS has explained the situation to parish council but not received any response. The paths continue to be ridden. However it is desirable that evidence of ridden use is collected to prepare a Definitive Map Modification Order. If you have used these paths please email

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