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 Cardinham/Warleggan/St Neot
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Cabilla Manor Bridleway - Cardinham 21 Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 15 02 2018 15:55
This bridleway was reopened in Spring 2027 after being closed for 4 years after being washed away for a second time. We understand proper drainage has now been installed to take water off the path.

Cabilla Manor Bridleway Update Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 20 05 2013 11:49
One casualty of the winter flooding was Cardinham Bridleway 21 past Cabilla Manor that last year Cornwall Council spent 23,000 renovating. All the renovations were washed away and the bridleway is once again unusable. Cornwall Council have informed us that the bridleway will be repaired and the new work done will be to a much better specification than the original restoration. However the schedule depends upon available funds for flood damage repair which will be reviewed at the end of the Summer.

Cardinham Woods - 1SW Project Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 20 05 2013 11:42
New cycle trails have been now been completed under the 1SW cycle project. The new trails share some stretches with walkers and horses, but the extreme sections (all new paths) are dedicated to cyclists and one way (only a metre wide). However riders have gained out of this project as they are now an accepted as users of the forest tracks and there are share with care signs with pedestrians, cyclist and horses pictured. There is however an 8 foot high cycle trail gantry sign under which horse riders have to go and possibly duck! Also none of the definitive bridleways in the woods are signed.

Cabilla Manor Bridleway Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 11 11 2012 16:18
Earlier this year this Bridleway (Cardinham 21)was 'refurbished' by Cornwall Council at an extortionate cost of 23K for 120 metres. With illegal and unusable horse stile, nasty gate, and hoof cutting surface. We have got the Horse Stile removed but the surface issue remains. Another nearby bridleway from Millpool has been done to a very high standard with posh new gates - but it goes no where except onto impassable overgrown moor. We are still asking more questions off Cornwall Council - see item on main News Page

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