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 Bridleway Closures
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Current Bridleway Closures February 2018 Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 02 03 2018 16:03
Camelford 23 Bridleway "Uneven and dangerous surface" closed to all users, closure notice runs until 07.06.18
Duloe 9 - "Uneven surface and high river levels" closure notice runs until 24.04.18
Gunwalloe and Cury Byway 7 Gunwalloe (and footpath) reason not known. Closure notice runs until 18.07.18
Lostwithiel 31 Byway Lostwithiel Byway 31 owing to a defective bridge. Closure notice runs until 05.11.18
Marhamchurch 6 Byway Marhamchurch Byway 6 closed because of a hazardous bridge Closure notice runs until 25.10.18
Morwenstow 4 closed owing to a hazardous surface Closure notice runs until 30.04.18 but certainly will be extended
Pentewan 4 Bridleway Pentewan Valley Bridleway 4 Site Notice and Plan 17.11.16 07.06.18
Porthleven 6 Byway Location 05.01.18 26.07.18
St Neot and Warleggan 44 and 2 Bridleway 25.10.18

Current List of Bridleway - (and FP) Closures Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 22 04 2013 22:23
For full list of Closures see
But please note that until date only gives the expiration date of the current legal notice. The actual date may be later or in some cases earlier,

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Keep us Informed Submitted by: bhsaccesscornwall 02 12 2012 13:05
Please do let us know either via these pages or via the online map BW Reports of damage that has been done to your local bridleways by the recent heavy rain.

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