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Created and maintained by volunteers working with the British Horse Society
Show us  Where you Ride        

We would like you to show us

  • your favourite ride(s), including roads, bridleways and other tracks.
  • where you used to ride but no longer can
  • where you would like to ride or your ideas for routes or links that would greatly improve your riding
  • the location of specific problems you may have
  • any roads that are particularly busy or unsafe to ride

It is very easy to send us routes and markers using the NE Magic Map facility shown below

Just follow the very simple instructions below


1. Launch Natural England's Magic Map

 Click   http://www.magic.gov.uk/MagicMap.aspx

	                  and accept the Terms of Use

2. Enter your Place

Click on correct place and you will then see your place displayed on 1:10, 000 map.

3. Choose Map to View

In orange menu select "OS Colour Mapping"

Select 1:25000

Best to Zoom in clicking "+" once to get good resolution and wait for map to complete loading.

You can move the map about by grabbing with your mouse.(holding Left button) to locate the exact area you want.

4. Mark the route you ride:

Click on the top left hand Feature Tool (Drawing Tools)

Select the "Line" option (or "Freehand Line" or Point etc depending on what you want to plot)

Click to plot each line segment Double Click to finish.

When you have finished plotting export and send us your route see next step.

5. Export and Save Your Route

Click "Export" in the Drawing Tools window.

Then click "Save Results" - you do have to scroll down the window to see this.

You will find three files are downloaded to your computer in a zip file. (xxx.shp,xxx.dbf, xxx.shx). Location is browser dependent. If you send points and lines you will find two sets of 3 files.

6. Send us these three files 4.

Email routes@bhsaccesscornwall.org.uk attaching the zip file and giving any other information on the route.

The MAGIC WEBSITE is a mapping service provided by DEFRA and Natural England

It enables a variety of Maps and Scales to be displayed, and many interesting GIS data layers, showing land designations, boundaries etc. You may find it very useful.