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LATEST - May 2009 - After Andrew George MP wrote to Cornwall Council on our behalf, Highways have done a trial of coating the grids in a very good non slip surface. If it stays on the solution is excellent.


December - 2008

After asking them if they are advising horses to use the pavement County Council Highways advise us that that they have just spoken to their specialist surfacing contractor; who will take a look on site to try and give some advice on making the grids less slippery to horses shoes. One thought is applying crumbed rubber but how to stick it is the problem as they think it is likely to pluck out of the resin.

The drains in St Ives have been installed to prevent flooding. The grids are slippery metal.

They have ben installed in 8 or 9 locations and more are still being installed. We have pointed out to the county Council that they are an obstruction to use of the road by horse. The are dangerous and impossible to traverse. Many horse riders do ride these roads in the town to get to the beach or to get from their fields to out of town.

Riders are having to use the pavements which is a danger to pedestrians. Car drivers then speed past and do not let you rejoin the carriageway.

We met with the CC District Surveyor and he acknowledges the problem and that something must be done. However this has given him and the contractors a big problem. They had just worried about whether they would be safe for motor bikes. These grids are a new concept apparently imported from Europe.