Bridleways and Byways

***** most important, **** important,    down to * meaning not really relevant.
Path No. 565/14 Map Reference: SW989658
BR and FP from Withiel via Blackhay Farm and Tregustick to Parish Boundary
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.53 miles. Most important Bridleway despite no designated connection 
        (even FP) at south end. BUT part of Saints Way
Last Report: June 2008: BW is being diverted at Blackhay Farm , via steeper route. Understand 
        both routes are open, legal diversion is still being processed.
Path No. 565/17 Map Reference: SX 12660
BR from SW of Cork Farm to Parish Boundary
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.03 miles. This short bit of bridleway  is start of 518/17 
Last Report: April 2008: Boggy in parts and very difficult going where water has washed out deep 
        channels in surface.