Bridleways and Byways

     There are a number of bridleways in the parish. Nearly all most important and well used. There 
        are some dead ends. One important but dead end bridleway is well ridden, and also provides a vital 
        walking route to the coast.
***** most important, **** important,    down to * meaning not really relevant.
Path No. 119/1 Map Reference: SW480403
BR and FP from road north of Trevega to south of Brea Cove
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.31 miles. Well used bridleway although dead end - very important 
        walked  path
Last Report: September 2006:  All Stones and Boulders cleared. Bridleway now in lovely well kept 
Path No. 119/3 Map Reference: SW480403
BR and FP from junction with FPs 1 and 2 to Cliff west of Brea Cove
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.04 miles. Is Important as footpath only short section of bridleway - 
        extension of 119/1
Last Report: September 2006: Good condition and clear 
Path No. 119/10 Map Reference: SW488381
BW from St Wednach's Church to road near Vicarage
CC Priority SILVER      *  0.09 miles. Church Access Byway 
Last Report: Tarmaced Road 
Path No. 119/16 Map Reference: SW487372
FP and BR from Lower Amalwhidden to east of Embla
CC Priority SILVER  *****  0.30 miles. Very Important Through Bridleway 
Last Report: September 2006: Path Cleared by Parish - Some more work desirable 
Path No. 119/17 Map Reference: SW482369
FP and BW from Embla to Parish Boundary at Conquer Downs
CC Priority SILVER    ***  0.29 miles. Byway is used to access Moor and property. 
Last Report: September 2006: Byway in Good Condition 
Path No. 119/18 Map Reference: SW471367
BR from Embla Vean to road south east of Mill Downs (via Zennor BR 24)
CC Priority GOLD    *****  1.22 miles. Very Important  Bridleway  up on tyo the moors, part of the 
        Ti8nners Way but has undesignated connection
Last Report: May 2011 Cornwall Council have done a brilliant job of renovation after the BW was 
        washed away in the Zennor Floods.:
Path No. 119/22 Map Reference: SW488364
BW and FP from Parish Boundary south of Georgia Farm to FP 21
CC Priority GOLD     ****  0.19 miles. Important Byway and farm access lane 
Last Report: September 2006: Good condition tarmaced in last few years - was much better for 
        horses before!
Path No. 119/25 Map Reference: SW481363
FP & BR from Georgia to FP & BW 17 (Noon Billas)
CC Priority SILVER      *  0.08 miles. Dead End 
Last Report: Septemebr 2006: Unusable bridleway 
Path No. 119/28 Map Reference: SW477357
BW from road east of Woon Smith to Parish Boundary with spur
CC Priority SILVER   ****  0.55 miles. Byway Woonsmith    - should be used to access moor. 
Last Report: Byway in very poor condition especially at top end, mud tied gates etc. Signposted 
        Public FP!
Path No. 119/31 Map Reference: SW469366
FP & BR from south of Woon Smith to BR 18 (Lady Downs)
CC Priority SILVER   ****  0.18 miles. Provides circular ridden route  and important FP 
Last Report: September 2006: Reasonable Condition 
Path No. 119/32 Map Reference: SW467364
BR & FP from Conquer Downs to Parish Boundary (south east of Mill Downs)
CC Priority SILVER   ****  0.37 miles. Provides circular ridden route - has been newly opened 
Last Report: September 2006:  Parish now keeps it trimmed. 
Path No. 119/33 Map Reference: SW472362
BW from BR and FP 31 to Parish Boundary (Conquer Downs)
CC Priority SILVER   ****  0.22 miles. Byway - Unsealed track 
Last Report: September 2006: Good condition 
Path No. 119/38 Map Reference: SW500371
FP from east of Cold Harbour to B3311 north of Cripple's Ease
CC Priority SILVER      *  0.20 miles. Byway Does not exist 
Last Report: Completely Obstructed by garden and green house. 
Path No. 119/41 Map Reference: SW500372
BR from road south of Bolenna to B3311 south of Frank's Shaft
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.40 miles. Very Important Through Bridleway 
Last Report: September 2006:  Been Cleared by the parish. Some further work desirable. 
Path No. 119/42 Map Reference: SW501365
BR & FP from B3311 (south of Cripple's Ease) to Parish Boundary (west of Brunnion Carn)
CC Priority SILVER      *  0.13 miles. Dead End 
Last Report: This is useless - only access to property - used to be part of a through route to 
        South of Nancledra.