St Just-in-Roseland         

Bridleways and Byways

***** most important, **** important,    down to * meaning not really relevant.
Path No. 322/7 Map Reference: SW851364
FP & BR from Road north of Tregorland to road south-west of Carwarthen
CC Priority GOLD     ****  0.05 miles. Part of FP 322/7 see note on 322/8 
Last Report: Oct 08 - Bw section Clear. THere used to be an old lane that runs straight through 
        to Cawarthen. ALl FP should be BW. What a shame!
Path No. 322/8 Map Reference: SW847366
BR from FP & BR 7 to south-east of Messack Bungalow
CC Priority GOLD     ****  0.29 miles. A Pegasus Bridleway (needs wings)  could be ridden to BR 
        322/7 via FP 322/7
Last Report: Oct 08. This Bw does not exist - probably never should. Should run along FP 322/7 to 
        north. continuing bridleway 322/7
Path No. 322/11 Map Reference: SW845330
BW known as Riveria Lane, from rear of St Mawes Church to Castle Road
CC Priority GOLD      ***  0.10 miles. Byway in St Mawes Town 
Please do give us an up to date report. 
Path No. 322/12 Map Reference: SW841328
BR from A3078 to St Mawes Castle
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.79 miles. Very important coastal through bridleway 
Last Report: Oct 08 Open and usable. However. This Bridleway is not correctly signed - especially 
        from the Castle End- It ought to extend right to St Just in Roseland. Pity about a few stiles! 
Path No. 322/16 Map Reference: SW846330
BR from Church Hill to west of Chapel Terrace
CC Priority GOLD      ***  0.05 miles. Bridleway in St Mawes Town 
No known problems on this Path - Do you know different?
Please do let us know. 
Path No. 322/28 Map Reference: SW844342
BR from road north of Halwartha to FP 2
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.35 miles. Important link to coast but  not for horses 
Last Report: Oct 08 A single stile blocks access along the coasta track to St Mawes and bw