Bridleways and Byways

     Sennen has only one meaningful bridleway which is part of the Cornish Way Cycle Route.
***** most important, **** important,    down to * meaning not really relevant.
Path No. 118/38 Map Reference: SW351260
No Statement Available
CC Priority                0.00 miles.
No known problems on this Path - Do you know different?
Please do let us know. 
Path No. 118/5 Map Reference: SW363266
BW from A30 north of Sea View to FP 34 (Escalls Green)
CC Priority BRONZE         0.29 miles. Byway is  Unclassified Road 
Last Report: Suburban Road 
Path No. 118/9 Map Reference: SW346249
BR from FP 8 at Greeb to Hallan House
CC Priority GOLD        *  0.25 miles. Bridleway Across Downland 
Last Report: Oct 2008 - Runs from nearly opposite the Cornishway Bridleway across the downs to 
        Greeb Farm. It is regularly ridden can return via tarmaced paths in Theme Park - free to all. 
Path No. 118/12 Map Reference: SW352251
FP and BR from A30 east of Hallan House to Trinity buildings
CC Priority GOLD        *  0.08 miles. Short Drive - no use 
Last Report: Only goes to properties 
Path No. 118/14 Map Reference: SW354253
BR from Sennen to FP & BR 12
CC Priority BRONZE      *  0.20 miles. Does not exist 
Last Report: Property Access Only 
Path No. 118/16 Map Reference: SW352261
BW from Cove Hill (1) and  to junction with FP 19 and (2) FP12 at Trinity House Buildings 
CC Priority -GOLD-         0.67 miles. Byway is Unclassified Road and access Sennen 
Last Report: Through route to Cornish Way to Lands End for cyclists and walkers 
Path No. 118/37 Map Reference: SW347251
BR from BW16 to A30 (with permissive section) Part of the Cornish Way
CC Priority GOLD    *****  1.03 miles. Most Important new Cycleway to Landsend 
Last Report: Bridleway Section of Cornish Way for horses and cyclists, Sennen Cove to Lands End, 
        Good condition.