Bridleways and Byways

     Morvah has few bridleways but three are most important and one of these provides beach access 
        but not for horses!.
***** most important, **** important,    down to * meaning not really relevant.
Path No. 106/5 Map Reference: SW404347
BR from road north of Carn House to Chun Castle
CC Priority GOLD    *****  1.04 miles. Bridleway to Chun , very important 
Please do give us an up to date report. 
Path No. 106/6 Map Reference: SW397352
BW from Higher Chypraze (Wheal Rose) to  B.3306 at Rose Valley
CC Priority GOLD           0.25 miles. Is also an Unclassified road. 
Last Report: Tarmaced Road to  Lower Chypraze and bridlways 106/7 
Path No. 106/7 Map Reference: SW392356
FP & BR from Lower Chypraze to Portheras Cove with spur to Parish Boundary
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.28 miles. Beach Path 
Last Report: Can ride down to overlook beach but that is all 
Path No. 106/11 Map Reference: SW416349
BR from B3306  west of Rosemergy to Parish Boundary
CC Priority GOLD    *****  1.10 miles. Most important through bridlway well used and over NT land 
Last Report: October 2006: The NT usually keep one half of this bridleway nice and clear, the 
        other half is a nice unsealed vehicular tracks.
Path No. 106/13 Map Reference: SW414349
BR from road south east of Trevean to road south east of  Morvah
CC Priority GOLD       **  0.03 miles. Short Cut Track 
Please do give us an up to date report.