Bridleways and Byways

     Madron has a reasonable number of very important through bridleways and some that rely on 
        undesignated connections.
***** most important, **** important,    down to * meaning not really relevant.
Path No. 104/20 Map Reference: SW436325
BR from road east of Boswarva to Carn Lodge
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.54 miles. Important Through Bridleway 
Last Report: October 2006: This bridleway is clear and usable but  navigation can be a bit 
        difficult over the common.
Path No. 104/21 Map Reference: SW437343
BR from west of Jacobine Shaft to east of Bosiliack
CC Priority -SILV-    ***  0.39 miles. Route is important and well used but bridleway 
        mappingg/designation is flawed.
Last Report: October 2006: The route is open and tracks are well ridden but does not follow exact 
        route as on map.
Path No. 104/44 Map Reference: SW454345
FP & BW from near Lower Ninnis via Mulfa to road south of Try Valley
CC Priority SILVER         0.23 miles. This byway is an extension of the County Road to Mulfra 
Last Report: The continuation (FP44) of this onto Mulfra Hill is subject to a Modification Order  
        likely to go to Public Inquiry in the near future.
Path No. 104/51 Map Reference: SW474336
FP & BR from stream west of Trezelah to road south of  Hellangove Farm
CC Priority BRONZE      *  0.30 miles. Dead End - Completely Overgrown 
Last Report: This bridleway lane is completely overgrown - on the map it does not connect to 
        104/51. In fact there is a hidden path and stachions of old pack horse bridge over the river. 
Path No. 104/52 Map Reference: SW461360
FP & BR from road north of Rosemorran via Resoon, Bosulval, Try Farm to Parish Boundary and FP spur 
        to BR 56
CC Priority GOLD    *****  1.11 miles. This BW  links lower section of Bridleway 55 to the County 
        Road via an undesignated connection from Resoon Farm. There is an unusable Northern Section at Trye 
Last Report: Summer 2006: Lower section across fields to Resoon Open and usable. Northern section 
        at Trye is blocked and disputed by Trye Farm.
Path No. 104/53 Map Reference: SW473327
FP & BR from Rosemorran via Polkinghorne to Gear Common with spur to road east of Noongallas 
CC Priority SILVER  *****  0.46 miles. Important Bridleway Leading to Woods 
Last Report: This bridlway often gets overgrown - please let us know of current state. 
Path No. 104/55 Map Reference: SW481350
FP & BR from Newmill via Crankan to Parish Boundary at Great Down
CC Priority GOLD    *****  1.24 miles. Most Important Through Bridleway Two sections 
Last Report: August 2006: The upper section  was open and usable. There has been a boggy section 
        in th past hopefully now fixed. Boscreege section is a farm lane.
Path No. 104/56 Map Reference: SW465356
FP & BR from Carnaquidden Farm to Parish Boundaries at (1) Bishop's Head and Foot and (2) 
        Carnquidden Downs
CC Priority SILVER  *****  0.84 miles. Most Important Through Bridleway 
Last Report: October 2006: Open and well used. Apart from an unofficial diversion at Carnaquidden 
        Farm it is a lovely ride.
Path No. 104/58 Map Reference: SW452327
BR from The Kennels to road north of Bosoljack
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.67 miles. Most Important Through Bridleway 
Last Report: November 2006: Restoration by the County Council has been completed on the steep 
        Kennel Lane Section. They have done a fantastic job. Please look after it.
Path No. 104/59 Map Reference: SW456338
BR from Newmill to road south west of Breakmyneck Farm
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.31 miles. Most Important Through Bridleway - Break-My-Neck-Lane 
Last Report: April 2009: Fully cleared and restored by the County Council - now a pleasure to 
Path No. 104/62 Map Reference: SW481345
BR around Quarry at Castle-an-Dinas (formally part Ludgvan BR 29)
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.74 miles. Most Important Through Bridleway 
Last Report: Summer 2006: Bridleway open and usable but with misleading signs. Goes through 
        quarry offices. Signed as Footpath.