Bridleways and Byways

     Lugvan has the longest  bridleway in Penwith this is a most important  bridleway with 
        bridleway and byway spurs. We have been campaigning for some time for a "Pegasus Crossing" to 
        enable safe connection to St Erth.
     There are several other important bridleways in the parish as well as some useless short 
        sections of path.
***** most important, **** important,    down to * meaning not really relevant.
Path No. 103/4 Map Reference: SW493318
BR from road north of Ponjou Farm to Parish Boundary
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.42 miles. Important Bridleway although deesignation currentlly stops 
        at parish boundary
Last Report: 2010 Usable through to road  cleared by PAROW 
Path No. 103/7 Map Reference: SW498348
FP & BR from Lower Tremenheere via Treassowe Manor to Higher Trenowin (B3311)
CC Priority SILVER  *****  0.86 miles. 1
Last Report: 2011 Often overgrown - Terrible Gates - awaiting action by CC 
Path No. 103/12 Map Reference: SW509337
FP & BR from Ludgvan to road north of Nanceddan with spur to road north of Lower Quarter 
CC Priority GOLD        *  0.18 miles. Farm Access only 
Last Report: Tarmaced Road 
Path No. 103/19 Map Reference: SW528332
BR & FP from Trevorro via Parc-an-Camps to road south of RosevidneyBarton
CC Priority SILVER      *  0.17 miles. Farm Access only 
Last Report: To farm and railway line only 
Path No. 103/27 Map Reference: SW508365
FP & BR from Trink via Brunnion to Parish Boundary with spur
CC Priority SILVER      *  0.07 miles. Dead End 
Last Report: Short Dead End to property only 
Path No. 103/28 Map Reference: SW486344
FP & BR from Roger's Tower to (1) Quarry and (2) from Madron BR 62 to Castlegate
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.30 miles. Most Important Through Bridleway 
Last Report: Spring 2006:  Clear and Well used. to Madron BW 62 
Path No. 103/31 Map Reference: SW483353
BR & FP from Parish Boundary near Amalebra to FP and BR 29
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.40 miles. Most Important Bridleway 
Last Report: Steep, narrow  and stony in places and sometimes overgrown 
Path No. 103/33 Map Reference: SW512370
FP & BR from Trink to (1) B3309 and (2)  Parish Boundary south of Balnoon
CC Priority GOLD      ***  0.46 miles. Bridleway Accessing Trink 
Last Report: Summer 2006: Blocked with high tied gate. towards end of  Bridleway. 
Path No. 103/39 Map Reference: SW519357
BW & FP from road north of Whitecross to road south of Trencrom Hill and spur
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.95 miles. Important ridden byway 
Last Report: October 2006: As far as we know this byway is in Good condition 
Path No. 103/41 Map Reference: SW513355
BR & FP from Cargease via Ninnes to FP 35 south of Polpeor
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.62 miles. Northern Leg Inaccessible 
Last Report: October 2006: No current report, generally usable. 
Path No. 103/47 Map Reference: SW539358
FP from Rose-an-Grouse Farm to road east of Splattenridden
CC Priority SILVER      *  0.19 miles. Useless as Bridleway - only as farm access off A30 
Last Report: Useful only as footpath to St Erth 
Path No. 103/52 Map Reference: SW508347
BR from Canon's Town to road west of Tremethow with Bridleway spur to Cucurrian
CC Priority GOLD    *****  2.63 miles. Most Important Through Bridleway with spur 
Last Report: 2010  Resaonable Condition.