Bridleways and Byways

***** most important, **** important,    down to * meaning not really relevant.
Path No. 310/1 Map Reference: SW912504
BW & FP from Grampound Road to road south of Nankilly
CC Priority GOLD      ***  0.26 miles. Byway leading only to Footpaths 
Last Report: Ridden for many years.  Not poss to ride beyond bywqy, but good surface 
Path No. 310/3 Map Reference: SW892508
FP & BW from road south of Forgue to Ladock
CC Priority GOLD        *  0.16 miles. Byway is also dead end unclassified road 
Please do give us an up to date report. 
Path No. 310/9 Map Reference: SW901528
BW from A39 to road north of Trendeal
CC Priority GOLD     ****  0.60 miles. Very useful byway link 
Last Report: Nov  2007 - 1 or more gatea poor condition and low branches 
Path No. 310/12 Map Reference: SW912537
BR from FP 11 to road north-east of Little Hewas (A3058)
CC Priority SILVER     **  1.02 miles. May provide useful ridden paths for some local riders but 
        ends on busy A road with no crossing point and starts on B road.
Last Report: July 2007 -  From the air the field sections do not appear to exist or be used. Do 
        you know different?
Path No. 310/14 Map Reference: SW912531
BR from A39 to District Boundary east of Great Hewas
CC Priority SILVER    ***  0.95 miles. Through bridleway but ends on busy B road 
Please do give us an up to date report. 
Path No. 310/15 Map Reference: SW910528
BR from Road south-west of Cregan Gate to Trethurffe Hills
CC Priority SILVER   ****  0.77 miles. Requires use of undesignated connection and provides link 
        to byway 310/9
Last Report: November 2007 - Average Condition - a number of gates. 
Path No. 310/16 Map Reference: SW915522
BR from road south-east of Pollard's Farm to road north of Carnemough Farm
CC Priority BRONZE  *****  0.49 miles. Most Important Through Bridleway   link 
Last Report: March 2012 - Being cleared by Cornwall Council after being totally blocked for many 
        years.   Clearance not yet complete will be finished  later in the year.
Path No. 310/20 Map Reference: SW892519
BR from A39 to Trendeal
CC Priority SILVER  *****  0.73 miles. Most Important Through Bridleway    providing good crossing 
        of busy B road.
Last Report: Nov 2007 - most useful, well used bridleway linking 2 quiet country lanes