Bridleways and Byways

     Colan has only one  meaningful bridleways but this is also a very busy chaotic campsite 
***** most important, **** important,    down to * meaning not really relevant.
Path No. 401/8 Map Reference: SW855599
FP from Quintrell Downs to BR 9
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.32 miles. Loop off 401/9 which is most important to escape campsite 
        traffic on 401/8
Last Report: June 2007: Average Cond. 1or more gates in good condition. Some low branches. 
Path No. 401/9 Map Reference: SW852596
BR from Quintrell Downs to Kestle Mill
CC Priority GOLD    *****  0.57 miles. Most important bridleway used by riders form Mount Joy and 
        other local riders to escape busy roads.
Last Report: This bridleway has been totally ruined by actions of the nearby campsite and RBC in 
        surfacing. Anyone using the path is at risk of being mown down. in the summer by the very heavy  
        campsite traffic.
Path No. 401/16 Map Reference: SW825603
No Statement Available
CC Priority GOLD        *  0.15 miles. Behind Superstore 
Last Report: June 2007: General Condition Poor with obstructions