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The section of the old A30 up to the Level crossing, Tregross Road.

This stretch of the old A30 has been dug up and an equine track created along its route. This traffic free section of the old A30 from Indian Queens, via new bridge over the bypass, links to Tregoss Road (level crossing road) and then back via a new multi-user trail over the South Goss Moor back to Indian Qeens via an old railway line. This Trail is being developed by Cornwall County Council in partnership with Natural England.

There is a new bridge going from the Screech Owl Sancutary road over the bypass to reach the new trail.

This bridge has high equine parapets. However at the moment we are concerned that the tarmac surface is very slippery. We have asked that this problem is addressed.

This road only takes very light access traffic. - it is more or less traffic free.

Initial reports from local riders are very good - including "the longest canter for ages!"

There is been some debate about the suitability and durabilty of the soft sand surface - 'improvements' are planned.

View from Bridge

The trail continues south via level crossing and quiet lane to loop back over the south of the moor to cross back towards Indian Queens and road back to the Owl Sanctuary.

See Goss Moor Trailer Leaflet/Map

Old A30 trail with equine track

Trail Bridge over new Bypass


The section of old A30, East of Tregross Road


Originally it was planned to have the trail running in the gutter of the old A30 alongside what still to be a busy road -we held up our hands in horror!.

After discussions with McAlpines and the Country Council we succeeded in relocating the Trail on English Nature land, well away from the road (on the south side - see picture).

Unfortunately the trail still has to pass under the railway line via the old Iron Bridge. The trail width under the bridge is narrower than we would have liked and the road too wide - but rules and regulations dictate!

This is only a relatively short stretch, although visibility is good the traffic is fast and frequent. There is not room for a proper barrier. We don't like the marker posts.

We asked for better traffic calming without result. They have built a 'drag strip' and it is used as such by many vehicles. A horse does not have time to pass under the bridge even if the road is totally clear when start.before vehicles doing 60mph + reach you. We have seen this! You don't have to wait long.

The Highways Agency is being asked to see if anything can be done to make the road safe without success!

The County Council Trails and Highways teams have now concluded the trail is currently unsafe for horses.

Barriers and notices are being erected.

Other options are being explored!

New Trail alongside the downgraded old A30 but now completely separate.

Trail passes under  bridge, looking west. 
(temporay large cones).